Activity of company and its purpose: -

  * Milling activity                      * activity bread
   * Pasta activity                         * activity storage
   * Transport activity                 * the local manufacturing

   * Investment civil 

Number of units and a production capacity: -

      9 uints milling  3263 tons of wheat / day from total of one million tons of wheat annually.

       3 uints of bread and produce 185 thousand bread / day from total of 66 million annually.

Activity of company

* The company is milling wheat to produce flour for governat  elfayoum / banisuif / minia / asyout  trade, import, export, storage and fumigation, maintenance and packing, processing, transmission and distribution products and their substitutes different kinds of bread - and pasta and baked, etc. ..... and products as follows: --

       flour extraction 82% for the production bread

      Fine flour extraction of 72% for the production of bread French and desserts

      Mona Lisa macroni  shapes (macaroni Aspajty -  rings, large and small - Hilalip - lSan Asfour  - elbow - ..)

      Bran, both used in making animal feed production


      Sen to produce bread for diabetics

      Jenin grain of wheat used in the production of some pharmaceuticals

    *  The company has mills operating the latest technology and superior have the skills and expertise to produce all kinds of flour.

     *  Company has developed workshops in the fields (mechanics - electricity - carpentry - motor vehicles) to serve and by our manufacturing productivity and capital equipment, spare parts or objects related to the company and others as well as the manufacture of various types of furniture and rooms full and the doors, windows and its distribution outlets and others.

    *  The company has the latest metal silos "Dutch in Fayoum capacity 23,800 tons - Danmrak in Beni Suef, a capacity of 30 thousand tons Denmrak in Minya capacity of 30 thousand tons - in Hungarian Asyut capacity 30 thousand tons, as well as metal silos and concrete silos with all our units to store grain production and maintenance of the latest techniques  Our productivity is also an automatic management of the company's maintenance of grain processing and maintenance of grain.

   *  The company owns a different types of transport "vehicles poured dump - mattresses - Trucks In addition, this fleet serves Our productivity is also in the service of others, in addition to the pick-ups of small cargo to transport all kinds of products to distribution outlets and direct markets.

    *  The company also has Owen Packing units in all sectors of the company to packing different products and weight to obtain the desire of all costumers

    *  The company acquired the international quality certificate No. 9001 of 2000 for the production of fine flour and pasta.

    *  It is worth noting that we do not make spare no effort to provide our assistance to others: to offer our services to the broadest in the local manufacturing, transport and storage and maintenance of grain.