Banisuif Sector

The city of Fayoum and there followed it the following

    1- Buhler mill: -

  • The mill was established in 1990all its equipment from Switzerland capacity  200 tons of wheat / day to produce an flour extraction 82%, or flour extraction 72%

  • The mill consists of a number of floor  including 6 sections (intake  - cleaning tempering  - milling  - packaging

  • The mill take quality certificate 9001

    2- Tbarak mill: -

  • The mill was work on 15/7/2005  all its equipment from Switzerland capacity of 375 tons of wheat or maize/ day to produce an wheat flour extraction  82% + maize flour extraction 97%

  • The mill consists of a number of floors including 6 sections (intake - cleaning - tempering - milling - packing and mixing

3- Metal silos: -

    Denemark silo capacity is 30,000 tons of grain storage and maintenance of the latest techniques

    and an automatic feed production units

   4 - Workshop: -

- Mechanical workshop: - This workshop manufactures spare parts for mills and perform

  maintenance of the equipment and contain the latest equipment to help complete the work by

   (drill - lathe - his scythe - grinding stones - welding machine ..... etc.)
- Carpentry workshop: The maintenance work for the buildings sector as well as the manufacture

   of furniture and wood for the highest level of quality and prices is unprecedented
- Car workshop: The maintenance work of the vehicle sector and a Alamrat planned and sudden

   breakdowns of all types of vehicles the company

  T- he workshop wrapped engines:

  - This workshop is a maintenance engine damaged electric motors Wolf
  - Workshop toothed rolls: this workshop, toothed and grinding rolles also carries out the rolles

    of mills for   others and the highest quality

  5 - Sean wheat storage: -
Bani slaman: storage capacity of 20,000 tonnes / session
 Beni Suef: wear STORAGE 3000 tonnes / session
 Wasti: storage capacity of 5000 tons / session
 Beba: storage capacity of 14,000 tonnes / session

6 - warehouses: -
   1 - Elwasta                      2 - Elfashn                   3- Somosta                        4 Ehnasia                     5- Beba     

   6- Naser                       7- Abd Elatef