definate the company

The name of company : Middle Egypt flour mill

           one of companies which follow holding company for flooding industrial

Main central  : Minia - cornech Elnill - Ard Elksas - BOX 13

The purpose of the company: manufacturing, trade, import and fumigation, maintenance and packing, processin transmission and distribution of cereals and their products and their substitutes  (Baked items - pasta - food in general – and  feed components - packaging requirements)

company branches  : El- Fayoum - Banisuif - Minia - Asyout

  • The Company follow  to the law No. 203 of 1991 of business sector.

  • The company restricted Bborsty Cairo and Alexandria, 31/3/1996 official schedule in 2003

  • Conservation of the Misr for Clearing, Settlement and Central Depository Cairo.

Statement of capital structure

Percent (%)

The number of shares

Statement of shareholders



Holding Company for Food Industries



Shareholders of non-working


935 000

Workers union shareholders of the company




Company Profile:

  • Issued a presidential decree No. 561 of 62 the establishment of the institution of the mills, bakeries and speculative
  • Issued a presidential decree No. 563 of 62 the establishment of institutions that are supervised by Minister of Supply
  • A decision the Board of the Organization of the mills, bakeries and speculative No. 65 of 2478 establishing the Middle Egypt Flour Mills Company in 9/8/1965 m
  • Legal entity: Egyptian joint-stock company
  • The company's production areas: Fayoum – Banisuif  - Minya - Asyut

Governance efforts of the Department

1 - The regular review of regulations and internal company procedures on an ongoing basis to

      verify their suitability and efficiency.
2 - The display on the Board of Directors of all data relating to the affairs of production, financial

       and administrative affairs and all the affairs of the company.
3 - is the formation of committees of Council members and others from the company to study

      some specific issues within a specified period.
4 - the company's web site is displayed all that is new on this site.
5 - be notified of the Capital Market Authority financial centers every three months upon the

     adoption of the Central Audit Agency
6 - The formation of a committee of Council members and others from the company's crisis

     management is expected to occur and to develop scenarios face of these crises, for example,

     what happened when he entrusted the Ministry of Solidarity Supply of cooking flour 82%

    during the period from April to June 2007 and was the conversion of three mills for the

     production of fine flour free extract 72%.
7 - Selecting director of internal audit and give him and his administration have all the powers

    which enable it to carry out its work to the fullest and submit a report on the commitment of

    the various sectors Company laws and regulations governing the conduct of work as well as

    on the commitment of these sectors, the rules of governance.