Quality Certificate


 Company obtain to the Quality Mark for our products free of fine flour extraction of 72% .

·          Company obtain to the International quality certificate ISO 9001 for the year 2000 for the production of fine flour mills free extract 72%,

·          Pasta factory obtain to the International quality certificate ISO 9001

·         currently we  preparation and processing of all mills company for the global ISO 18001 certification for Occupational Safety and Health

·           Currently we preparation of all the company's mills and pasta factory to obtain the certification ISO 22000 for the year 2005 for food safety management system as well as a certificate 14001 for the year 2004


Environmental Protection

The company's strategy for the protection of the environment on the establishment of management systems for environmental affairs of the company and its units based on the principles and the foundations of international standard ISO 14001 and the obligation to implement environmental laws and regulations and any other requirements for an environment that is legal and the obligation to prevent pollution.

The company's efforts to protect the environment:

1) installed units of prevent dust emission in mills.
2) use of modern technology in the mills where they are used:
* imported separator devices sealed and mounted with air channels for the withdrawal of a bug light and all the dust, which may be related to these wheat.
* dry stoners to separate all the grains of sand , stones and glass, which are the size of a grain of wheat using the  specific weight in the process of separation.
* The existence of a complete system consists of the fans and cyclones or filters mounted with air lock through an integrated network of pipes is withdrawn from the dust of all intake , first and second cleaning equipment , scales and all horizontal and vertical conveyors.
• Use tempering system instead of washing to access the degree of moisture wheat to the ratio required to make the  milling process.
• Use a silencer in the blower and some other fans.
3) is the work of environmental measurements for all the production units of the company twice a year.
4) Environmental record for each unit productivity.
5) Is the preparation of environmental cadres to form a working group capable of environmental performance of the system efficiently
6) was the work of a protective screen to prevent dust emission during loading and unloading of wheat with the installation of filters and fans suction negative curtain silos sector of Fayoum and silos will be circulated to the rest of the production sectors of the company.
7) Use automatic lighters to ignite the furnace in bakers of the  company.
8) Use of natural gas instead of diesel.
9) All analyzed the dough used for bakery from stainless  .
Quality Management System (ISO)

* Company interested in establishing effective systems for quality management systems based on the principles to ensure quality assurance and the company obtained the certificate of conformity coveted ISO 2000 / 9001 for the company's mills and  pasta plant
 * the company imported to the component of the human and protection of injuries resulting from risks of the work environment by preventing exposure to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases through the system safety management and occupational health OHSAS18001 and an ongoing rehabilitation of the company to obtain a corresponding global system of safety and occupational health OHSAS18001.
As well as the company focused on the establishment of effective systems to manage the environment based on the principles and foundations of environmental protection and in conformity with the requirements of international standard "ISO 14001"