There is a company's training center at the highest level of existing compounds Mills BeniSuef hold its training sessions during the year are organized through the General Directorate for training.

The company also contracted with a training center at the highest level of training of engineers and workers to stand up on the latest technology reached milling among these centers.

  • Egyptian Center for milling technology, where courses are held by the training of engineers in theory and practice on the new equipment in the field of grinding and how to deal with breakdowns and treatment and avoidance

  • Center for Leadership Development for Business Administration, where it held training sessions in all areas and the highest level

  • Society of Mechanical Engineers and the complexity of the sessions on how to operate the equipment and how to plan their maintenance schedules (periodic - emergency) as well as how to apply them to maintain the equipment.

Further, the company trained engineers abroad, corporate training centers that supply mills of the company from abroad and is this training at the expense of the company.

Is also provided scientific assistance for the training of students during the summer holidays students from various faculties (Science / Agriculture / Engineering / trade) sectors of the company's various